This beautifully manicured private garden established in 1998, spans three acres and includes a Japanese Garden, Enchanted Forest, outdoor Dining Hall and two lakes with a cascading waterfall.


What's New ! ! 


Antoinette, together with her grand-daughter Monica Barca have written a beautiful book about her garden called My Little Hidden Treasure. It has wonderful stories and insight into the design and development of Villa Verde Gardens along with other little, hidden surprises! The book is now available for purchase through our website for only $20 plus postage. Head over to our ONLINE STORE and buy your very own copy now!!


Past Events

Past events:

Villa Verde is honoured to give back to the community and has raised over $40,000 for various charities including Australian Breast Cancer Research, Children of Vietnam, Prostate Australia, Alzheimer’s Victoria Australia, Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. They wish to thank their many patrons and sponsors for the generous contributions given throughout the years. They are truly grateful.



2004 Ladies Luncheon

Proceeds forwarded to Australian Breast Cancer Research $10,000







2006 Garden Opera

Proceeds forwarded to Children of Vietnam  (Tibeh) $15,000

2008 Folk Band - Vardos 

Proceeds forwarded to Prostate Australia $5,700

2010 Open Garden Weekend

Proceeds forwarded to Alzheimer's Australia, Victoria $ 3,800

2011 Open Garden Weekend

Proceeds forwarded to Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre $ 4,000

2012 Open Garden Weekend

Proceeds forwarded to Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre $4,000

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who have kindly donated to our fundraising events and charities over the years, without whose help this could not be possible. A special thank you to Jane Edmanson (Magic 1278), Coffee Mio and The Glenroy Lions Club.